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Valorant: 8 Tips For Playing On Haven

by Techies Guardian

Valorant has six maps, and the Haven is the largest map. Surviving this map can be difficult at times. But with the help of the best tips, you can play this game without any hassle. Here, the top 8 tips are mentioned that will help you to plan attacks and defend better.

Tips for Playing On Haven

  1. Bomb sites

The Haven map is located near Thimphu, Bhutan. It is only 170 miles away from Mount Everest. Valorant has six different maps. Out of all these maps, only Haven has three bombing sites. This new addition can cause you some difficulties if you are not well prepared. For maximum protection, the defenders need to stretch their defenses. Consequently, one of the sites will not have enough defenses.

So, you must have a fast communication system on this particular site. Whenever enemies are attacking this weaker site, you must call other teammates for help. The attackers can also utilize the extra bomb site to create confusion. One strong attacker can cause damage in A and C, while the main group can attack the opposite bomb site.

  1. Hell and heaven

Knowing the names of different locations on this map will give you some advantages. Instead of saying, “I need help”, you can say, “Enemies are approaching from Heaven on-site A.” Thus, all your teammates will understand their exact location and send help. Compared to sites B and C, site A is a bit different.

On site A, there is a looking tower. You can use this tower to monitor a huge portion of the map. This tower is called Heaven. There is also a huge open area near the bottom called Hell. These two locations are the primary hiding spots for attackers and defenders. Defenders use these spots to stay hidden before the round starts, and the attackers take refuge in these spots after securing the spike plant. You always need to be careful near these locations because of the high probability of hidden enemies.

  1. Know your map

If you want to conquer this game, you must be aware of the map. As mentioned above, this one is the only map with three bomb sites. If you are a defender, you must understand that the attackers can use different strategies to attack these three spots. So, the defenders have to stay prepared and anticipate all the attacks.

On the other hand, if you are an attacker, you must understand all possible flanking strategies. If you are fighting against experienced defenders, you need to strategize to disrupt their plans. This is one of the best Valorant Hacks for beginners.

  1. Corners

Though Haven is a huge map, it is packed. There is no open space. So, this map is full of tight corners. As a result, enemies can easily hide in these corners and attack you. So, you have to check all these corners quickly and remember all possible hiding spots.

You can use agents that have blinding abilities to attack any heavily guarded location. You can also know anyone’s location with the help of Raze’s Boom Bot.

  1. Orbs

In this map, you can find two orbs. One is near the tower in site A while the other is in a hallway in site C. The orb of site C is easier to get. But, if you are trying to collect the orb in a rush, you may get attacked by the defender of site C. So wait for things to settle down and then try to collect the orb.

If you become impatient and make an early move, you will become one of the easiest targets for the defenders. When trying to collect orbs from site A or C, always keep an agent with blocking abilities. Using these agents will allow you to get the orb easily.

  1. Mobility

In this map, you need quick responses and efficient communication. If you are using agents like Omen and Jett, they can cover grounds very quickly. Considering the size of this map, having agents with swift mobility is always helpful. With the teleportation ability of Omen, he becomes one of the most powerful agents of the Haven map.

  1. Defense

Because of the huge size of this map, it will be wiser to be prepared with a defensive-special agent. Attackers can attack you from different positions, so you need a strong defending team. Sage plays an important role here because of her healing powers.

  1. Viper

Viper is another important agent in this map. Her toxic screen will obscure the sight of enemies. In this map, she can entirely block two sites if placed correctly.


These are the top 8 tips for playing the Valorant Haven map. These are collected from pro players, so they are very effective. Last but not least, the more you practice, the better you get. So, keep practicing and enjoy.

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