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5 Convenient Data Recovery Software You Need to Know

by Techies Guardian
5 Convenient Data Recovery Software You Need to Know

5 Convenient Data Recovery Software You Need to Know : Notwithstanding the long-term expenditures in data management, many data problems of companies continue to worsen. The data was thought of as a component of a technological project rather than a business asset is one reason. As a result, people assumed that standard database and application planning efforts would be sufficient to solve persistent data problems. In addition, the DAM (Digital asset management) tool can easily access the files you need, keep everything organized, and easily share them with your team within a few moments.

There are several data recovery apps available that can assist you in recovering your inadvertently deleted files for free! These file recovery tools might help you recover or undelete data that have been deleted from your computer. Deleted files are frequently still on your hard disk, flash drive, cellphone, or another storage device, and maybe retrieved with free data recovery tools. With one of these freeware data recovery programs, you may retrieve the files that you thought were lost forever. Documents, movies, pictures, music/audio data, and more may all be retrieved.

1. GogoPDF

Accidentally deleting, removing, or losing files is alarming. However, there are times that we thought we had lost the files, but in reality, it just needed another step to retrieve all the data. One example is forgetting the password of an encrypted PDF file. In this case, all you just need to do is to unlock the file.

The best tool to use is the GogoPDF’s unlock pdf tool that offers services, all for free! This web-based solution will have immediate access to your file! GogoPDF also has a simple PDF password remover, allowing you to convert encrypted PDF files into customizable and accessible versions. All you have to do is submit your file, and your PDF’s password will be erased! To get your copy of the decrypted file, simply click download, save the PDF to your device, and you’re ready to go! This unlocking program also removes security rights from owner-locked files. A password is generally required to copy, print, or alter the contents of a PDF when it is owner-locked. If the PDF files are highly protected, however, you can only open them with the right password. We are unable to unlock these files because they require more and deeper processing than the site can give.

2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS is a well-known software firm, and their data retrieval solution does not disappoint, offering dependable data recovery and the ability to recover a wide range of file types from a variety of storage media. With its Data Recovery Wizard, EaseUS provides free file recovery software. You can use the application to recover data that has been lost by accident or from a disk or segment that has been formatted incorrectly. It can quickly recover files from an empty Windows Recycle Bin and is compatible with a variety of external storage devices. With this data recovery program, you can retrieve lost files, images, and videos in several file types.

3. Stellar Phoenix

This multi-featured data recovery program stands up to its name, with top-notch features and reliability. Stellar Phoenix is a high-end, user-friendly data recovery program that is available in many editions. Stellar Phoenix Pro comes with several options that allow customers to customize the recovery procedure to their own needs. Deleted Disk, Formatted Drive, Lost File, and Email Retrieval of MS Outlook PST Files are among the features.

4. Puran File Recovery

Puran File Recovery is one of the more capable free data recovery tools we’ve come across. It’s simple to use, will scan any disk that Windows recognizes, and offers a variety of configuration features if needed. Puran File Recovery recognizes more files on our test computer than most other programs, so try it in addition to Recuva if it doesn’t identify what you are looking for. Puran File Recovery can even restore partitions that haven’t been damaged.

5. Undelete 360

Undelete 360 has you handled if you are searching for a completely free data recovery program for Windows. Its Office 2010-inspired mobile application may be old, but it at least appears familiar and makes the software easy to use. Undelete 360 is another shareware program that lets you recover lost files from your computer’s hard drive, as well as memory cards, external hard drives, and a variety of other storage devices. It can restore files that were deleted because they were too large to fit in the Recycle Bin or were accidentally deleted with the Cut command. Consumers are on their own when it comes to retrieving their lost data because the program does not come with technical help.


For storage devices, data loss is a major problem. In today’s digital environment, data is the most valuable asset for most businesses and institutions. Those businesses and organizations may face economic, legal, or emotive problems as a result of data loss. Hence, we must know some helpful tools to rely on once it happens.

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