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3 Industries that have Been Transformed by AI

by Techies Guardian
3 Industries that have Been Transformed by AI

Industries that have Been Transformed by AI – There hasn’t been a bigger technology story in 2023 than the explosive rise of AI. Even though AI isn’t considered new technology, the advancements witnessed in the field over the last 12 months have been astonishing. Much of the current rhetoric centres on how much artificial intelligence will change our world.

Still, some people don’t realize the incredible developments in this burgeoning tech sector already. So, today, we will look at three industries that have felt the weight of this disruptive innovation and how they have used the technology to bolster their standings within their respective markets.

#1 – Gaming

The gaming sector is an enormously broad spectrum; it covers everything from console gaming to free PC games and casino gaming. For example, digital casino companies use AI to explore how customers interact with their websites and gaming interfaces.

This process used to be manual on a physical casino floor. Now, AI can complete it in more depth and in a few seconds, which helps casino companies streamline their services. For example, virtual roulette and blackjack tables have used AI technology for years to facilitate games without a live dealer.

AI has transformed every element of casino gaming to some degree already. In games like Keno, where AI can browse millions of possible winning combinations and digest how players interact whilst playing the game, this will lead to Keno providers having a better idea of popular combinations that Keno players use and how it impacts their gaming.

As AI develops into a colossal market, the impact of AI on Keno will likely grow, as it will in other casino games, and when we take a look at slot machine games using ever-improving graphics and algorithms, expect AI to play a more significant role in designing these games as the industry progresses.

#2 – Customer service industry

We can appreciate just how significant a sector the customer service industry truly is. If you work in healthcare, finance, retail or several other related industries, you’ll likely have some business element weighted toward customer service. If you have ever had to raise an issue with an online company or with your bank, in today’s age, the first port of call will often be an AI bot that can help you with the simplest of queries.

However, as technology advances, the queries these bots deal with follow suit. In addition, they can browse a broader range of solutions more efficiently.

Therefore, it hasn’t come as a surprise to see how many corporations have now adopted this customer service method, thus allowing their human advisors to perform more human-specific tasks that AI is not yet as adept at. While this technology has great benefits, many drawbacks have been highlighted by customers who simply want to speak to a human and not have to face the brick wall of a robot. This is especially true when it can charge highly topic or the customer has an important matter they need to attend to urgently.

#3 – The arts

With so much money flowing into digital art, such as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and companies like BuzzFeed replacing their content writers with AI, it appears that appreciation for the arts is at an all-time low. But, of course, this shouldn’t surprise people, given how placid and bland the music industry has become over the last decade and how much money people make from NFTs.

While traditional art has long been a profitable investment for people with considerable wealth, it has also fuelled a market for talented painters to make a living for themselves.

However, with the rise of AI, which can now generate its own art, many have turned to digital art as a form of investment, and it has left some traditional artists concerned that one day it will shrink their industry. Many suspect this could be true in content writing and even music, once AI can understand what drives a good story or song and immediately generate the best option within a few seconds.

Content writing has taken the biggest hit thus far, and it has seen more significant changes because of AI than in many other sectors.


We’re at the precipice of something enormous with AI, and the technological developments are akin to the internet. Ten years from now, there won’t be an industry or sector on Earth that hasn’t ‌changed dramatically because of AI. So, there are significant positives but we must also be aware of the grave danger; so long as we can mitigate that and regulate the industry correctly, this incredibly innovative technology should have an overall net benefit.

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