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10 Gbps Internet: Will It Be A Reality Soon?

by Techies Guardian
10 Gbps

The Internet speed that we achieve today in our homes has nothing to do with that of just a few years ago. We can contract rates of several hundred Mbps both for uploading and downloading. This allows us to share files in a fast way, download content, watch streaming videos of the highest quality, and a long etcetera. Now, will it be a reality to have 10 Gbps of Internet?

10 Gbps of the Internet, the Future of Connections

10 Gbps of the Internet, the Future of Connections

There is no doubt that it is a figure that totally breaks with what we have today. It is common to contract fiber optic rates of 300 Mbps or even 600. Rarer, although not impossible, is having 1 Gbps. Therefore we are talking about multiplying by 10 the speed that we achieve in the best of cases.

Today it may seem like a utopia, something that is far away and unreal. But we thought the same not too long ago when we barely reached 50 Mbps, and we could even consider having 500, much less reaching 1 Gbps.

Keep in mind that most network cards and routers can only offer Gigabit Ethernet, which is 1 Gbps maximum. Therefore if we wanted to increase that figure in many cases, we should make an investment in hardware.

Comcast is Already Working on Achieving 10 Gbps

We wrote this article after Comcast has already started working to bring 10 Gbps into the home. This is intended to be achieved over the cable Internet. Although, at least for the moment, it would not be symmetrical.

They claim to offer 10 Gbps downstream and 6 Gbps upstream. Figures that would destroy any connection we have today. At the moment, they are conducting tests in Florida, specifically in Jacksonville, where they have achieved 1.25 Gbps of upload and 1.20 Gbps of download. Yes, they have achieved slightly more upload speed than download speed.

However, the goal is to go much further. They intend, as we say, to reach 10 Gbps. How long will it acquire to achieve it? Nobody knows. At the moment, yes, it seems that it is far away. However, the work is already present, and they have that goal.

They claim that these Internet speeds would open an incredible range of possibilities. They would create thousands of jobs thanks to the new uses of technology and take the user to a new world in terms of transmitting video and content over the network.

Do we Need 10 Gbps of Internet?

This question will surely make more sense in a while. Today we can say that an average user does not need that speed. Nor, if we are strict, have 1 Gbps. But of course, a few years ago, nobody believed that they would need 100 Mbps, and today, it is almost essential.

Internet speed is something that is constantly changing. New platforms are emerging, streaming video services, the cloud, sending files. All of this means that we need connections that adapt to users’ daily lives. We need more capacity to make those platforms and services work properly.

For example, if we think of Streaming, the more quality a video has, the more Internet speed we will need. It is not the similar to watch a video at 480p than at 1024 or 4K. Now, what about 8K videos? They are going to necessitate a lot more speed, and the connections have to be capable.

We do not know if, in a few years, streaming video playback can change a lot if we are going to see much higher quality videos or not. Perhaps 10 Gbps today seems like a lot, it seems that we will not need it, but in a few years, it will be the basis of our connections.

Something similar will happen with 5G, which will revolutionize mobile technology and accompany us for the next decade. It will allow us to use tools and platforms that require almost non-existent ping, excellent speed, and a lot of stability. Possibly 4G is enough for most, but times change, and little by little new services are appearing that require new technology.

Ultimately, having a 10 Gbps home connection is already in the sights for Comcast. We do not know if it will be a reality soon or have to wait for years. But merely the fact that they are already targeting it tells us that Internet speed will continue to increase, and we won’t have to wait long to see it.

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