Why Do You Need a Robust Cloud Security Platform

Why Do You Need a Robust Cloud Security Platform – There are more headlines about companies going under due to poorly implemented cloud compliance policies and cloud security incidents in recent times. When it comes to storing business data in public clouds, it does not come without risks, especially if you are just entering the cloud environment.

So what should you do to ensure compliance and security in the network? As you can see on websites like https://sonraisecurity.com/solutions/cloud-security-platform/, working with a robust cloud security platform is the best way to dodge data breaches and stay up in the game.

Besides the obvious data security reasons, what are the other reasons to work with a reliable cloud security platform?

It Offers Centralized Security

Similar to how cloud computing services centralize data and applications, a robust cloud security platform centralizes protection. As cloud-based business networks work with numerous endpoints and devices, it can sometimes be challenging to coordinate and manage BYOD or shadow IT.

When you manage these devices and endpoints centrally, it helps enhance web filtering and traffic analysis; it streamlines the monitoring process, which naturally leads to fewer policy and software updates. A cloud security platform that offers centralized security also turns out to be beneficial when implementing disaster recovery plans and actions.

Helps Reduce Costs

One of the most important benefits of opting for cloud security and storage is that it reduces the need to invest in specific dedicated hardware. Besides helping reduce the total expenditure, it also helps cut down administrative costs.

There were days when IT teams exerted themselves to fight security issues reactively. But now, cloud security platforms offer different proactive features which provide round-the-clock protection with lesser to no human intervention.

Helps Cut Down Manual Resources

When you work with a reliable cloud security platform, you can confidently cut down a percentage of manual security configurations and constant updates regarding security.  As such tasks call for a significant contribution from resources, if you shift them to the cloud security platform, all administrations related to security will occur in a centralized way.

Curbs the Alarmingly Growing Instances of Security Breach

In recent times, there is an exponential increase in different instances of security breaches in cloud-based networks. A few security breaches can even disable mobile applications and websites temporarily.

Certain security breaches can lead to a loss of significant amounts in the annual turnover of the business. It is not easy to identify, manage, and curb such security breaches without a cloud security platform’s backup.

Helps Prevent Unauthorized Data Access

Based on their specific role, enterprises can move customer and corporate data to the cloud to access it at any time from anywhere. However, none of the enterprises can maintain security and prevent unauthorized data access during the process.

To avoid this, you must implement a policy to define data roles and rules clearly. Multi-factor and multi-level authentication is also essential when it comes to authorization. Such factors help make sensible data accessible to selected employees. These security roles will help different enterprises to keep the data securely stored in the network.

To Eliminate the Chances of Data Breach and Loss

When working with cloud storage, the enterprises will be able to move customer and corporate data to various remote servers.  There are high chances of such data in remote servers getting lost due to unexpected events.

So, the enterprise must ensure the safety of the data stored in cloud networks. For this, the data in the cloud should be backed up and duplicated at infrequent intervals.

It Can Increase Reliability

When it comes to dependability, cloud security platforms and services offer the best chances. With proper cloud security measures, different users can access applications and data safely in the cloud network. No matter what device they are handling or from where they are accessing it, a robust cloud security platform makes the process more effective and reliable without giving way for vulnerabilities.

To Access In-Depth Metrics and Reports

A reliable cloud security platform usually offers automated and additional in-depth reports and metrics on the multi-cloud infrastructure. This helps ensure the health, security, and policy compliance of the infrastructure. Having access to the metrics showing data related to policy compliance will give you a clear idea about the number of vulnerabilities in the network.

Custom policy configurations, a remediation history, and an audit report presents real-time data about vulnerabilities and also helps resolve issues by giving a detailed record of all the security issues in the cloud infrastructure.

The Internet is a global tool that has two different faces – a good and a bad. Besides enabling excellent business opportunities and profits, it equally creates security challenges too. A reliable cloud security platform is the solution that helps tone down security breaches in the cloud environment.

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